Paragraph on Dowry– A Social Evil – by Supriya


Dowry is a criminal offense. It has adversely affected the socio-economic structure of our nation.

The Indian constitution also prohibits giving, taking or asking for dowry. In spite of so many objections this system is still prevalent in various parts of India.


Dowry system is highly responsible for deteriorating the social status of women to a large extent. Because of dowry system, every year a large number of women are either killed, left unmarried or end up committing suicide. In the past few years studies have also shown that couples who got married in the name of dowry also failed to maintain a peaceful and happy married life.

Present scenario:

The system of dowry is prevalent in almost all parts of India. At the time of marriage, the boy’s parents try to take as much as they can from a matrimonial alliance. Dowry is given to them in the form of cash or luxury items such as cars, DVD’s, scooters, refrigerators & even houses in few cases. In the past few years cases of harassment of young married girls due to inadequate dowry has doubled.

Without paying a big amount in the form of dowry, the girl’s parents find it very difficult to find a good match for their daughter. Even highly educated people demand huge amount as dowry in the form of expensive items or cash. The amount of dowry depends upon the groom’s education and job profile.


The system of dowry has given rise to too many evils practices. The bride’s parents incur huge debt so that they can give dowries for their daughters. While some parents are forced to adopt unfair means to meet various types of demands from the groom’s side. The system of dowry ends the couple’s happiness even after their get married. This is due to the fact that young married girls end up committing suicide when they are encounter the daily taunts of their in-laws. The law against dowry is ineffective in India. People need to stand against it.


It is shameful to see the girl’s father keeping his pagdi at the feet of the in-laws who threaten to abandon the marriage if their demands are not met. The bridegrooms come with a price tag. The rate of the IAS officer is highest. There are over 6000 dowry deaths every year. This excluding unreported cases of dowry deaths. The cycle of social discrimination, violence against woman and dowry is only getting vicious. A time will come to say no to dowry and reject dowry totally. The lead has to come from the youth.

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