Paragraph on “Dowry System”

Dowry system is an old social custom. In Dowry system demand of wealth takes place between intermarrying families.

This is a process of giving gifts from the bride`s family to the groom`s family for the wedding. Gifts may include anything ranging from cash, jewelry, household items, furniture’s etc., or things that are required to set up a new home.


The system of Dowry imposes great burden to the bride`s family. They are forced to spent so much, at times which may be beyond their limits.

The bride`s family these days are imposed with demands and specifications from the groom`s family on what they want for the wedding. This is one reason why many families in India, resort to sex selection which favors sons over daughters. .

Though the Dowry prohibition act was passed in 1961, the law has not yet been implemented effectively.. Taking and giving dowry is considered as cognizable offence. There should be wide spread efforts to arouse collective conscience of the community against this social evil.

Dowry is an evil deed and people should join hands to eradicate this system completely. A girl child is also bought up with all the efforts and troubles just like how a boy child is bought up. She too deserves equal rights and acceptance in the society, rather than making her as an asset that is kept for sale. Girls are precious and the society needs to understand that they are not materials for business transaction.

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