Paragraph on Ecological Pollution – by Supriya

What is Ecological Pollution?

Ecological pollution is said to occur when organic pollution, chemical pollution or thermal pollution take place as a result of nature (not human activities).


For instance:

a. Ecological pollution takes place when the rate of siltation of waterway increases all of a sudden as a result of a landslide.

b. Ecological pollution takes place when an animal like a cow drowns naturally in a flood which results in adding up organic materials in water.

c. Volcanic eruption also causes ecological pollution.


There is a need to maintain the ecological balance of mother earth. There are a number of ways through which human beings can participate to maintain the ecological balance of mother earth.

Some of them are as follows:

a. Manage environmental resources carefully – Civilization has caused a lot of burden on the ecosystem. This has resulted in the depletion of natural resources like fossil fuels & other minerals. On the other side, habitat destruction & fishing (beyond a certain point) has caused a loss of biodiversity. This in turn has long term negative effects on the ecosystem.

b. Population control – Like predators human beings are not gifted to control their species from becoming over populated. Hence human beings need to take action to check population control. Too many fishes in an aquarium pollutes its water. Similarly, over population on earth upsets the ecological balance. Since 1927-1987 the population has increased to 5 billion. In 1999 this figure raised to 6 billion. It is estimated that this figure will reach 9 billion by the end of 2050.

c. Protect water- Agricultural & manufacturing run off, contamination from pollution & sewage is threatening the balance of marine ecosystems. This results in causing harm to the plants & animals in the marine ecosystem.


Maintaining ecological balance is very important. Human beings have the power to change the situation. Recycling of waste materials is very important as it helps in the prevention of overharvesting of natural resources. Using energy efficient automobiles & appliances helps to conserve energy. Encourage people to be ecologically aware and give your little participation to protect & maintain the ecosystem.

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