Paragraph on Education – The Key for Success – by Shanu

As per my opinion in this modern world education is the best key, one can ever have to open the difficult lock of success.

This modern world of technology is very different from ancient time. If you go back in 70s or 80s period, many people were able to earn a good amount of money at the end of the day by doing work without any education.


But it is next to impossible for the people to make money without education.

Each job requires a person to have a special knowledge and skills. These days, if you are not an educated person then most of the companies will throw your resume without even talk to you. It is important to understand various benefits of education for everyone to live a better lifestyle.

What are the advantages of education?

It is obligatory for everyone to educate themselves, even though they don’t have any plan to do any work or job in the future. Education will allow you to develop your thinking and reasoning ability. It will connect you with the world. Education is a form of learning in which skills, habits, knowledge of many people are conveyed from one generation to another trough research, teaching or training.


Education and training makes a person eligible to live in a civilized society. Education will allow you to make yourself economically independent. Once you receive your certificate or diploma or degree in a particular subject you can join a company that can pay you reimbursement that you deserve.

There are a lot of advantages to being educated. Being an educated person, you can make more money, you will get more respect. The best part of being educated is you can choose your work according to your interest.

You can miss many opportunities if you are not an educated person:

You are educated, but you don’t have a degree of higher education, and then it can harm your career growth. That clearly shows that you need to opt for higher education. Being less educated, you have to compromise more. You have to choose the job that is out of your area of interest. Present, education system offers you the benefit to select the courses of your interest.

That will allow you to gain more knowledge about the topic or subject of your interest. This, in turn, will allow you to do the job in that particular field. As a result, you can make more money and live a healthy lifestyle. At the same, expertise in one topic or subject will allow you to enhance your knowledge about that particular field.

The more you learn more you earn:

Now, as you understood the benefits of education, you can open your lock of success. In short, spend more amount of money and time both in educating yourself that will result in both good monetary gain and healthy lifestyle. That proves that an education is a significant element of achievements and progress.

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