Paragraph on Etiquette and Manners


Good etiquette & manners are a socially respectful & acceptable way of displaying consideration, care & respect towards others.


It can further help you to have a better relationship with other people around you.

To master good etiquette & manners you must learn to master phone etiquette, dining etiquette as well as basic etiquette. Learning good manners & etiquettes can help you to convey respect to people with whom you interact with. At the same time it also means that you can command respect from people you interact with. People having good etiquette & manners practice basic courtesy, speak politely, hold doors open for elder people, behave well at public places, drive courteously, greet people and never use harsh words and hurt others.

Good etiquette & manners can be seen by the following gestures:

a. Being polite in dealings.


b. Being friendly towards others politely

c. Being punctual.

d. Having helping attitude and concern.

e. Respecting others

f. Letting others go first

g. Not be noisy

h. Good eating manners.

i. Never forget to say Thank you and Sorry.

Good dinning etiquette & manners includes:

a. Avoid chewing with open mouth

b. Using words like “excuse me”, “sorry” while leaving the dining table

c. Before eating your food wait for others to be served

d. Avoid texting at the table

e. Asking others politely to pass a dish/ seasoning for you

f. While having food over the dining table avoid putting your elbows

g. Hold your utensils appropriately

Phone Etiquette & manners includes:

a. Keep a check over your voice while talking to someone on phone

b. Always keep your phone on a low ring volume

c. Keep a decent ringtone

d. Practice conversational courtesy

e. Give others a chance to answer their phone calls

f. Avoid spending hours while chatting to someone

g. Be polite while putting someone on hold and be apologetic.


Good manners & etiquettes is the best way to lead an honorable & respectable life. It can make a person stand out of the crowd. By following good manners you can become a role model for people around you. Good manners & etiquettes can make you acquire higher position in the organization you work. You can even become a team leader. A person’s character and upbringing is known by one’s Etiquettes and Manners.

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