Paragraph on Every Day is Not Equal


Success & failures are a part of life. Not all days are equal. We lose one day while we win the other day.

Our willpower and hard work decide our success. In our lives we see millions of successful people in the form of actors, politicians, businessmen, musician etc.


We read their success stories in books or newspapers while we see some live examples of such people. The only thing which remains common with most of these success stories is “adversity”. One learns a lot from his bad days. In order to improve the quality of their lives some people choose to do a lot of hard work and design their own destiny. There are no good and bad days but man makes it so.

Be optimistic:

In order to attain success being optimistic in life is very important for every human being. The following guide lines help you to have a positive mindset towards life-

1. Avoid making assumptions that everyone is against you. Instead believe in yourself.

2. Do not hold your past because past & future are not equal.


3. Believe that you are the cause not an effect.

4. Keep positive thoughts like:

a. Everything is possible if you build your self-confidence.

b. Circumstances don’t create you, you create them.

c. You have the entire control over your attitude

d. Life always gives you options.

e. Live the positive side of life.

f. Remember your attitude makes your altitude.

5. Life is short.

6. Make your own definition of what is ‘good’ & what is ‘bad’.

7. Be balanced.


Worrying about past or future does not make any sense. This is because “Future= Mystery” & “Past= History”. Past is a stale cheque and future is out of date. Present is what you can encash. Live life today because Today= Present. Today is a gift of God. Count your blessings to make yourself realize that you are special creature of God. Focus over good things that happen in your life. This can help you to block the negative wipes. Keep smiling no matter what. You smile has the power to actually change situations. Don’t be upset & feel stressful when you fail. . With every failure you get renewed strength for success. Getting upset in bad time is not going to help you in any situation. Be Happy do not worry.

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