Paragraph on French Revolution (399 Words

Here is your short paragraph on French Revolution!

There are many causes behind French revolution. The main causes were-


i. Scarcity of food

ii. High taxation payment

iii. Poverty

iv. Social in equitability


v. Disputes among people over different ideas of reform

In the year 1789 France encountered financial crises due to its indiscriminate inequitable taxation system which was a result of American Revolution & wars.

Prior to French revolution France was a prosperous nation dominated by class. The price of the food was hiked due to its scarcity which was created by harsh winters, crop failure & famine. As a result people residing in the rural areas were forced to move in Paris. Due to which the city became over populated & gradually filled with hunger.

French revolution created disputes among various types of social classes in the society. French revolution continued till 10 years i.e. started in 1789 and continued till 1799. It is considered as an unforgettable event in the history of the world history.

After French revolution many changes were made in France. At the time of French revolution France become one of the most powerful states in Europe. French revolution led to emergence of new political forces like nationalism and democracy. The authority of nobles, kings and priests were questioned to a larger extent. The political forces were given new ideas and meaning to run the constitution.

Before the beginning of the French revolution people of France wanted moderate reforms because they were dissatisfied with the policies set by King Louis XIV. But after French revolution King Louis XIV’s wars constantly started decreasing the royal finances. The condition worsened till 18th century. The loss of wealth by King Louis XIV angered people and they demanded a new system of government that could safeguard their interests. French revolution was the result of differences among social classes in France.

Consequences of French Revolution:

  • “Declaration of Human Rights” was made.
  • Tax burden over the 3rd Estate was lowered down.
  • Democracy as demanded by people was set down.
  • Napoleon took control over France’s governance.
  • Inspired people throughout South America and Europe to fight for freedom and democracy.
  • No heritage to be considered as important. Workers, peasants and artisans all were given equal rights.
  • Industrial revolution took place.
  • Laws related to old Regime was cancelled.
  • Slavery was abolished.
  • “Capitalism” as a new economic system came into existence.

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