Paragraph on Global Terrorism – by Rajan


Global terrorism implies the activities that can be dangerous or harmful to the whole world.

The terrorists and the group of terrorists carry out these activities to fulfill their intention. This intention can be either religious or personal.


The Talibans emerged as one of the most deadly terrorist force. They became a threat to the world peace and stability. The meteoric rise of the fundamentalist movement secretly supported by some countries sending shock wave in India, Iran, China and even in the USA. The aim of these organizations is to create international terrorism and make breeding grounds for terrorist organizations around the world.


Global Terrorism can involve several activities such as bomb blasts, chain bomb blasts, human or live bomb blasts, kidnapping, and many more. The terrorists always wish to spread the fear. They carry out a lot of violent activities to grab the attention of the society as well as the Government. According to them, violence is the only way to accomplish something. For that, they seem to be ready to cross any level of cruelty, brutality, and hostility.


There can be several causes behind global terrorism. Almost all countries have seen certain terror attacks. As a result, terrorism has grabbed the attention globally.


The main agenda of terrorists is the same in many cases. It entails threatening or alarming a government and the society. It aims to destroy the social as well as political objectives. It consistently aims the religious crowd, political parties, governments, communication and broadcasting media, middle or higher class people, and corporations.


It kills the innocent people, it breaks the country’s economy, it imbalances the social life, and it destroys many other things that can disrupt a country’s life. It spreads the terror in people so that they feel scared to walk in public places. The consequences of terrorism always bring disastrous, terrible, and catastrophic situations.

We cannot recognize the terrorists since they always live like a common man. Their boss or the leader operates them. They undergo a series of training courses to become a violent and trained terrorist. They plant bombs inside trains, buses, or any public place to create huge disasters. According to them, the bigger the disaster the bigger is the success in the mission. They think the mission succeeds when it kills thousands of lives. They create bands of terrorists throughout the whole world.


The only way to stop terrorism is to show them the power of unity. It discourages those cruel terrorists when the people become united and stop being scared. As a responsible person, everyone should keep himself alert and bring to the notice of the administration any unusual and suspicious activity.

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