Paragraph on Global Warming – A Burning Problem – by Rajan


Global Warming – a burning problem is a result of the increase in the temperature on the earth due to industrial and agricultural processes and caused by natural and man-made emissions.

Many reasons such as deforestation, cars, factories, throwing toxic gases or chemicals into the atmosphere, are the major sources of global warming.



One of the major signs of global warming is the change in climate. Anyone can guess the climate changes. For instance, untimely rain, prolonged raining, tropical storms, floods, hurricanes, hot air etc. are some of the examples that signify climate changes.


Green house effect; it means that sun rays directly enter the earth. As a result, the redirected sun heat increases the temperature of the earth. Green house effects are caused by certain gases including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons. Refrigerators as well as air coolers release the chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases are the actual reason behind global warming. These gases are of two types. Some of them are man-made whereas some of them are natural. When the release of these gases exceeds a certain level then it is called as a green house effect.

Natural greenhouse gases:

Global warming is not caused by pollution. Global warming is the outcome of release of abundant carbon dioxide, CFCs, etc. When these gases are excessively released they carry out major changes in the climate that can cause cyclones, hurricanes or tropical storms. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the level of these gases. According to scientists, natural greenhouse gases have stayed constant for the past hundred years.

Man-made greenhouse gases:

Man is directly and indirectly responsible for the generation of some of the gases. For example, refrigerator and air cooler are two appliances created by man. The gases released by these appliances include chlorofluorocarbons which is a greenhouse gas. Similarly, many factories emit toxic gases. Many of them pour toxic chemicals in the rivers. The toxic gases and toxic chemicals from the factories are sources of greenhouse gases.



Apart from the gases, deforestation is another reason for global warming. Nowadays, people are destroying the forests by cutting trees to create more space for various purposes. Trees play an important role in maintaining the life-cycle of nature. Global warming is changing the ecosystem at a dangerous rate. It is predicted that in the coming years the surface temperature will go up. Global warming poses a threat and danger to human health. Birds and animals are also affected.


To slow down the effect of global warming, awareness and effective cooperation from people and government by reducing the green house gas emission is a must.

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