Paragraph on Homework Burden, Affecting Kid’s Brain- by Rajan

As the competition is increasing rapidly, pressure by parents is also increasing. Everywhere you see that parents are asking their kids to score better grades.

It is not that, they are asking for themselves, in fact, they are asking for the better future of their kids. Therefore, in order to work hard, it is important that the kids should have less homework.



These days, when we see other school students they carry huge school bags at their back. They are so heavy that on a normal day, a kid bend forwards, and take the entire burden. In order to decrease this burden, companies have started designing bags with wheels. On the other hand, it is important that the schools should know the fact that their school kids should have less homework.

This all is happening because they are looking for the better and improved results. In order to maintain and increase the brand value of the schools, they are improving their standards of study. This is because; they want to increase the brand value of their school.

As the increasing competition, level schools prefer money and status against the quality of study, and that is the reason they are increase the number of books and subject in one class. On the other hand, they are also avoiding the fact that increased percentage of homework will not increase their grades or percentage of the students instantly.


In order to keep the kids updated in the general knowledge, it is important that kids should have less homework. It is not because they cannot do it, in fact, and they do not get sufficient time to learn new things. Students are so busy in handling or completing their homework, and they do not get some extra time at home for some other extracurricular activities.


It is important for a kid, to participate actively in games. These games can be board or outdoor games.

As both of the types, are beneficial for the kids, board games, exercise their minds, while the outdoor games, and enhances their stamina and their physical power.

These days, the case of depression is increasing at a fast rate. This is because; they are drowned into their class work and homework. In addition to this, their parents and teachers pressure forces them to create a new level of grades, which is too hard for others to achieve.


Kids are very soft in nature, and they need some special attention all the time. Some of their family members always guide them; all they have to keep one thing in their mind, and that is not to force children to do better. Instead, they can appraise them for their excellent achievements, and, they can praise them for their hidden talents.

Kids should have less homework so that they can concentrate on other things more and improve their grades. On the other hand, new and innovative ideas will help them to increase their concentration level in studies, which will directly boost up their scores.

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