Paragraph on How I Spent My Yesterday – by Silki


How I spent my yesterday will always be an important task and responsibility for me. Because as time passes by, there will never be any chances of changing yesterday once things have been done.

It is impossible to turn back the hands of time. Nature’s course dictates that yesterdays inevitably die and remain to be memories we have formed.


In short, we carve our destiny by all the things we have planned, done and experienced from yesterdays. Life is what you make it, as they say; and, it all depends upon how I spent my yesterday.

Activities of Yesterday:

How I spent my yesterday was beginning it with a prayer, thanking the Lord for giving me another brand new day. Also, as I religiously do, prayers were immediately followed by my daily routine of grooming prior to facing and engaging myself with the activities of the day. Since it was a weekend yesterday, it was my schedule to visit our neighborhood’s clubhouse, where all my neighbors and friends converge when classes were off.

There, I played ballgames with long-time friends, and then, exercised to keep myself fit. The remaining hours of the morning was spent exchanging stories and viewpoints about anything under the sun. Activities at the clubhouse usually give me the opportunity to enhance and enrich myself socially, physically and emotionally.

In the afternoon, I took some time to rest while reading my unfinished romantic book. I looked at this activity as some sort of a deserving treat to myself after a hard week’s time at school. I should have gone to the malls or the movies later, but I decided to spend the rest of the evening sharing time, tales and laughter with my family.


Later through the night, I did my homework and studied my subjects. Capping the night was indulging with my hygienic regimen, and lastly, offering bedtime prayers thanking the Lord again for the day’s fulfillment. That’s how I spent my yesterday basically, which is also oftentimes how I spend my weekend routines.

I Am Yesterday:

I have, therefore, learned that whatever I do today eventually becomes part of yesterday, which in turn, becomes a reflection of my tomorrow. While I may lament about the thoughts and deeds I have made in the past, or muse that I should have ideally performed or created my yesterday the way I wanted it to be, it is really essential to understand how I must have to spend time to be productive and fruitful each day. I always believed that, how I spent my yesterday will always determine the great difference for my future.


I always make it a point to end each of my day memorable, if not, fruitful. I achieve this by doing the things that matters most for myself, for others and most especially, for my Lord. How I spent yesterday and each day includes even the most mundane or trivial of activities. Everything seems to count, for as long as it directly helps or completes my whole being and the pursuit of real happiness in life.

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