Paragraph on How to Keep Our Surroundings Clean- by Anand


To keep our surroundings clean, awareness and responsibility of the people is a must requirement.

Our surroundings form a part of our environment and it is the place where we have our homes.


Keeping the surroundings clean is a way of showing respect to our environment. Every individual must take it upon themselves to ensure that the same is done.

Why to Keep Surroundings Clean?

There are many different reasons as to why we need to keep our surroundings clean. Firstly, a clean environment is a healthy environment. Hygiene is one of the basic requirements to maintain a good health and prevent any illness. Secondly, a dirty or badly maintained place is devoid of any aesthetic value. It promotes a bad impression in front of the people and also brings down the reputation of the place. Thirdly, it is expected from us to keep the surroundings clean because we are the people who remain in the same premises. Also, it is our duty as responsible citizens to keep the premises clean.

Roadsides and Houses:

People should not litter their household trash on the roadsides where the garbage collects and becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of insects. Individuals must also take care that they do not throw waste in the drains so as to avoid any coagulation of the drains. The drain must be properly covered so that mosquitoes would not breed in them. Any stagnation of water must be cleaned of from the streets. People should also keep their houses clean. An unclean house looks unpleasant in a clean neighbourhood.

Playgrounds and Parks:

The playground is the place where a lot of people visit during the time of the day. It is the place where the children play. Thus, the playground should be kept clean. People should not litter rubbish on the ground but in the garbage bins. The grass of the playground must be regularly trimmed so as to prevent any fungal growth. The playgrounds and parks should be watered every day in the morning so that the grass remains fresh throughout the day.

Canteens and Eateries:


Keeping the eateries and food joints clean is one of the utmost priorities. Hygiene and cleanliness is very essential in a cafeteria as it is the place where the people eat. Individuals in these places must not leave their trays and plates on the table after eating. They must dispose the same in the proper disposal place. Also, the workers serving food in the cafeteria must wear gloves while serving and should not cook food in unhygienic conditions. This will ensure that proper health is maintained.


Thus, keeping the surroundings clean must be the priority of every individual. It is their duty and responsibility to maintain the place which is their residing place. A clean surrounding ensures a healthy growth and development of people and the absence of any illness or diseases. As a responsible member of the society, each of us must strive hard to keep our surroundings clean. It makes us better citizens.

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