Paragraph on I have done something no one else has done- by Jenny


Each one of us would have done something that nobody else might have dared to do or might have not thought to do.

It would have been either interesting, or something daring that might have made us think to do it. Similarly even I have one act that no one else of my age would have dared to do.

Dare to Act:


The incident took place when I was in my school days. It was bright sunny morning and we were having our holidays. Everyday, we kids from the locality go out to play around mid-morning. Since the day before, there were unexpected rains; the grounds were all very messy and mushy. Hence we decided that we would play on the house terrace.

The whole batch marched up and we started the game. The game went for some time and then, when my brother was doing the batting while playing cricket, the ball happened to go to the next house terrace. Unfortunately, there were no residents in that house. My brother started to cry immediately and we were thinking ways of calming him down.

Then I promised him I would get the ball for him. After much thoughts and discussions among ourselves ( as you know, kids prefer to keep such kind of things to themselves, rather than going down and telling parents), I decided that I would give a try in jumping across to the next terrace, as it looked to be very close.

Trying to gain my confidence and the aim to get the ball for my brother, I gained all courage and then with the help of my friends, climbed on top of the wall of my house terrace. Now, you should understand that this is happening on the terrace of a two story building, if anything goes wrong, I would not survive. However, being too small to realize the consequences, all these never ran in our minds.


I slowly climbed on the wall and then stretched my one foot across to the other terrace and then after placing it firm, jumped across. Whew!! One task done, I took the ball and threw it across to my friends and they caught it. Now, the hurdle begins. I need to get back, and I don’t have anyone on this terrace to help me climb!!! Again after many thoughts, I somehow managed to climb across the wall and jump back amidst of my friends.

Now we have an apartment on the adjacent side of our house and almost all residents were watching this act with their hearts in their mouth!!! We never saw them, but the entire apartment was silent till I jumped back, and then after I came back, one of the elderly residents who was watching, called my mother and then scolded her left and right and also the other parents.

When we came down, we saw all our parents and we were scared, but instead of scolding us, they made us realize how dangerous the act was and we should have approached them for help. When we realized the great mistake we did, it was a moment of horror. I was saved by God’s grace and even today when I think of it, it gives me a chill down my spine!!!

Too daring an act, that none of my other friends dared to do, but something that scares me to death even today, when I think of it.

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