Paragraph on “If I were a Teacher”

Teaching is a noble profession and being a teacher is indeed a true blessing. Teachers have a great influence on the lives of students.

A teacher could mould a student for the best or for the worst. A child learns his basics from school and his teachers and hence teaching is a profession that does require lot of passion and hard work.


The influence of teachers remains for a lifetime and hence before one takes up the profession of teaching, one needs to understand clearly as to what are the duties and responsibilities of a good teacher.

If I were to become a teacher, the first step I would take to make teaching more interesting and fun filled, so that students would be attentive in class. I would give my students their space of imagination and thoughts, so that they learn to think and implement for the betterment in a situation or crisis. I would stand by them during their ups and down as it becomes a moral responsibility of a teacher to understand their students well. Most importantly never overestimate or underdetermine a student, as each student is unique in their own way and hence give them their space.

If I were to become a teacher, I would teach my students to communicate well. It is not gadgets and software that they should learn to communicate with, but the basic methods of talking and getting to understand and feel each other`s emotions. An understanding person is a good human being for both the society and nation too.

If I were to become a teacher, I would love to mould a set of students with good moral values, respect, love and understanding, as tomorrow is in their hands and I would love to hear that my students turn to be good citizens of tomorrow for the nation and for their families.

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