Paragraph on Importance of Games in Education – by Jenny


Every education system has games in their curriculum and just as books help in developing our minds, games helps in developing our body.

Being involved in games is the best resource in being fit and healthy.


Education basically means the complete development of a child both mentally and physically and games are an important segment in today`s education system.

Importance of Games in Education:

Education is just incomplete without the introduction of games right from the lower level. Physical activity is a must for students as it enables their minds to develop more and think deeper. Acceptance of failure and enjoyment of success are learnt through the active participation in games. Being involved in games not only improves our physical strength, it also builds in strength mentally. Active participation in games keeps our internal organs fit and healthy, by improving blood circulation, thereby keeping us fit and fresh with more levels of oxygen being pumped out.

Games are one of the best means in shaping ones character or behaviour. Many good qualities are learnt through sports and games and hence introduction of games in the education curriculum would shape little minds for better tomorrow. Games help us to learn the balance between hope and despair helps in developing good relationships, helps in developing good team spirit, quality leadership and obedience. Makes one learn the value of time, honesty and regularity, keeps us disciplined, removes stress, thereby making you more energetic and focused to face new situations, and above all also helps to keep our body in shape.

Games and sports are no longer considered as just a time pass. With concentration, dedication and hard work, one could gain not only success and fame but also make a good living out of it. There are sports and games academy these days to train and develop children based on the sport that they like. Games are given great importance in today’s education curriculum and encouraged to students to get involved in maximum games that they can.



Today the concepts of games and sports have changed from what they were in the earlier days. They are taken seriously and at professional levels and hence good training and great practice are involved in being a good sports person. Even the costumes have evolved to being professional and comfortable so that every person or child involved in a game enjoys what they do and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Games have become a very important part of our day to day life and children are the ones who need to be directed in the right route and education institutes have the responsibility of considering the same at its importance. Hence good curriculum activities have been included in school syllabus these days, which are guided and trained by well-trained trainers for the benefit of the little one.

Today`s active children and tomorrow`s promises for the Nation in every sector that they are in and it is our moral responsibility as a society to train them and guide them to grow as better and responsible individuals.

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