Paragraph on Importance of Teacher – by Silki


The first thing that explains the importance of a teacher is that they help in building a human character.

We admit that a child’s upbringing is hugely influenced by his/her parents, but a teacher also has a great role in a child’s personality development.


A teacher, being a very experienced ‘Educationist’, understands a child’s or a student’s psychology better. They have expertise in teaching technologies. Apart from that, they also have a better understanding of the common problems students generally face. This is why teachers are also found to be great counsellors. A teacher is not only an instructor, he/she is also considered an excellent guide or a motivator.

Role of Teachers:

As teachers are responsible for building human characters, the peace and development of a progressive society also depends on them to a great extent. Our society needs people who can guide the new generation. After all the new generation is going to be a part of the society in the future. A teacher’s perception of different important subjects will build a person’s opinion. The fact that the education and knowledge of teachers can influence a person’s character increases the importance of teachers as a guide.

The importance of teacher can also be cited as that of candles. They light your way for your convenience. When a child starts to learn about new things, a teacher helps him/her see the positivities and opportunities. If a child will grow as a positive and hopeful person in the future that depends on the teacher to a great extent. A teacher doesn’t always have to be an officially appointed professional in a school. A person from a family, like any of the parents, grandparents can also become a great example of a teacher. A teacher should ideally be an impartial person with no inclination for any caste or ritual.

Importance of Teachers:

The importance of teachers increases along with the fact that the future of a person also depends on him/her. When a teacher helps a student be a competitive person, it becomes easier for him/her to compete in the world. Apart from helping a student become a winning professional in the future, a teacher should help a student become a good human being as well. This responsibility, however also relies on the parents. But as teachers usually have all the required skills to influence a person’s mind, thoughts and decisions, it’s easy for them to lead a student to the desired goal.



The importance of a teacher is well understood from the fact that they can help impart social and cultural knowledge to the students. Being a citizen of the country, we all must know our cultural values. So a teacher can educate a child accordingly to help him/her understand the history of our country. A teacher is responsible for building the future of a person. Similarly, a teacher has a huge impact on a student’s behavior, thought process, attitude and habits. A child with a good attitude and cultural value is generally identified to have been under the guidance of a good teacher. This is how the importance of a teacher can be well explained.

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