Paragraph on India after Independence – by Jenny


It has been 67 years since India has attained her freedom and ever since, things have changed.

Though India was under British rule for more than 200 years, they could not prolong their impact and we Indians changed from what we were to what we are.


There are many heroes that have given up their lives for us to enjoy the freedom that we have today. We need to remember them with due respect.

After Independence:

After India had attained her independence, India has been a rising star. Being a democratic country, India has had her share of growth by great leaders who have supported her in all walks of life. Ever since India attained her freedom, her progress has also been spectacular. Agriculture has been booming, with the latest technologies being implemented and educating farmers on how to yield good varieties of crops and so on. Factories have been established and great projects bought live. Coming to education, India has made a tremendous achievement. There are plenty of institutes across India that provides world class education to the younger generations.

In terms of her security systems too, India has advanced and has the most sophisticated weapons to make sure that she is safe from her enemies. Science and technology have made remarkable achievements that have held her head high at international levels.


Though India has achieved great milestones, we are yet far behind in terms of development when compared to other countries. The journey has just begun and we have miles to go before we say that we have advanced. For that, India has to work as one, rather than being showcased herself as a corrupted, unemployed and misbehaved country among her peers. Leaders have to take up things seriously and keep aside their greed for money and power and aim to work for the welfare of the nation. Then India would definitely emerge as one of the strongest powers in the world, where she would be envied, rather than looked down upon as it is today.

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