Paragraph on Instilling the Culture of Reading in Schools – by Jenny


Reading is a wonderful habit and people who develop the habit of reading often tend to be more successful than people who do not develop the habit of reading.

However, reading habits should be cultivated from childhood and it should begin from home and from school.


Parents should develop the habit of reading at younger age and from school it should be taken over and develop the habit in children at school too.

Developing the culture of reading:

Reading definitely indicates the future success of students, who develop the habit of reading at a younger age. Reading should be developed for pleasure initially and then from there, students would take up. Reading habit should be cultivated in schools from a younger age. Schools should take the initiative to develop the habit of reading in schools and make it interesting for students develop an interest in reading.

Schools have various means in introducing the wonderful habit of reading. Good libraries with good quality books for all age groups could be introduced. The method of e-reading or e-book can be introduced to higher classes where it becomes more interesting for students to read and develop the habit of reading. Reading helps students to develop their language, vocabulary, thinking capability and also their writing and reading skills. It is found that girls develop the habit of reading faster and deeper than boys and the more positive attitudes are seen in them when compared to boys.

The habit of reading could be developed only by introducing it to children to start reading for pleasure. At a very young age, parents should take the initiate to read out stories to children, so that they develop the interest in books and gradually from there they would pick up to books of their choice over the years that they grow. The more they widen their reading habits, the greater they are benefited with great depth of knowledge in worldly matters in all subjects.


Knowledge is power and knowledge is acquired only by reading and understanding the facts and figures around us. Apart from text books, schools should introduce the culture of reading in schools in the most innovative and interesting manner, so that every student would gradually develop the wonderful habit of reading. Since children have easy access to various other interest that may be harmful for them, diverting them to reading not only keeps them away from these bad habits, but also helps them develop their thoughts and increase their knowledge, thereby keeping them more successful as they grow.


There is no better habit than cultivating the habit of reading, which as a parent or teacher; we can do for our children. By reading, we help to develop a better generation for better tomorrow and could see them be at better places and happy, rather than being involved in the deadly deeds that is taking place around us these days. Encourage your little ones to read, enjoying every moment of reading and understanding what they read, not only for their betterment, but it also contributes to the betterment of others in their lives. Worship and respect letters, it would create wonders for you.

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