Paragraph on Internet and Information Technology –by Jenny


Information technology, commonly called as IT, is the combined application of telecommunications and computers in order to store, recover, communicate and manipulate data.

The word IT is commonly used as a substitute for computer related works. Based on the processing and storage techniques, one could distinguish among the four phases of IT development which is the pre-mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic.



In the early 1940`s only electronic computers, that could use either relays or values, appeared. The first programmable computer was completed in 1941 and was known as electromechanical Zuse Z3 and by modern standards which could be considered as a complete computing machine. During the second world the Colossus was developed so that German messages could be decrypted and it was the first electronic computer. Though it was programmable it could perform only one system and also lacked the capacity of storing information. Also programming was done with the help of many wires, which was not so convenient. In 1956, it was IBM that introduced the first hard disk drive and even today most of the data is stored magnetically on hard disks or on optical media such as CD-ROMs.By the 1990`s a commercialization of international network resulted in wide usage by people for all needs across the globe.


Technology has advanced from the early days and today it has become easy for us to get information or stay connected Internet has advanced with so much high speed connectivity, information and knowledge is just at our fingertips and one could stay connected with friends and family even though being miles apart.

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