Paragraph on Knowledge is Power – by Anand


Knowledge is power. Knowledge is very valuable but however, it is such that it cannot be decreased and neither can it be stolen.

Knowledge has also been said to be a recorded account and a result of history, of which logic and belief are the most important elements.


The knowledge we gather over a period of time comes from ours as well as the experience and thought of many other human beings.

The people with large amount of knowledge and experience become very powerful and influential. Such people have a distinct advantage over the others who are either knowledgeable to a limited extent or ignorant.

Importance of Knowledge:

Knowledge is of utmost importance today. Knowledge gives us the ability to survive and tackle different kinds of situations. It also makes us more rational and pragmatic. People with knowledge tend to understand things quicker than others and they always weigh the pros and cons of a situation. Knowledge comes from learning.

Learned people are known to be more efficient, more sincere and more honest than the others. The human faculties are developed by knowledge. The development of human faculties ensures fair play, equal treatment and sound judgment in various different situations.


The regimes which are ruled by people possessing knowledge always remain stable. They do not misuse their judicial mind while reaching at a decision. Knowledge leads to excellence and creativity. The outlook of the person changes and he achieves happiness in life. Knowledgeable people have an aptitude for discussion and debate.

Knowledge and Power:

The people, who have knowledge in this world, determine the affairs of the world. In other words, they rule the world. If a person has actual knowledge of humans and their affairs, they start exercising their right over the others. Thus, knowledge results in power. Knowledge becomes power.

However, the power which results from knowledge should not be used randomly, nor it should make the people holding it, arrogant and selfish. The truly knowledgeable person is the one who is humble in nature. Humility is a value which comes with knowledge even when there is absence of power.

Power is a dangerous weapon. It tends to become repressive and despotic. A vast amount of power corrupts the mind of the possessor whereas a vast amount of knowledge works to the contrary. There is no limit to knowledge. One can acquire knowledge all his life. The more knowledge one acquires, the more one becomes aware of one’s shortcomings and disadvantages. The lust for power however leads to the eventual doom of the mighty.


The knowledge in the present world is not only intricate but also very wide in scope. People from all corners of the world are trying to acquire more and more knowledge and enrich their own minds. Thus, knowledge keeps on increasing every day. However, it is very pertinent to know that mere possession of knowledge does not make us better human beings but the proper use of knowledge does.

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