Paragraph on Life and Death – by Jenny


We have often heard the statement “It was a life and death situation that I was in”. What is actually life and death?

Why do most of us refer to that statement, whenever we are in critical moment in our lives? The reason is obvious in the statement it-self – a battle between, Life and Death.

Why Life and Death:


We all are blessed with life in us and no matter what we do not like to give up on it at any point of time. However in some situations at some point in our lives, we may be face to face with death and in such situations, it is indeed a battle between life and death.

Death is something that nobody could explain or know what it is like after one dies. There are only presumptions and religious beliefs to what happens to one’s soul after death, but no definite answer. And hence, we presume that death is like a full- stop or a closed door to all the worldly pleasures that we enjoy today. Life has it’s own mystery for each one of us and no one is aware of what happens in life for us, yet we enjoy and believe that having life is truly incredible and would never prefer death over life.

However, when we are in situation where we know that we have only one option to choose, which could be going ahead in life or giving up on death, we often tell ourselves as a Life or Death situation, a situation that demands lots of mind power and strength to come out off. In such situations, people would always prefer to still be hanging on to life, but sometime would be at the verge of giving up.

Apart from such situations, life and death also has relevance to actual life situations where we do see lots of deaths happening around us. Taking a toll of the deaths and a toll of the lives surviving a fatal situation is yet another task that is really tough and stressing. There have been numerous situations where hundreds of people have faced such situations and would never ever dream of having to face one ever in their lives.



A life and death situation can never be debated on, nor be explained, it is one that is felt very close to heart and to come out of one such situation, is truly a miracle. Life is experienced, whereas death is something that is never explained, yet nobody would like to know about it too. Even the worst suffering or people who were considered to be dead and return back to life as a miracle, could never explain what death could be and hence death does have a mystery of its own, which is never liked to be revealed by anyone who has been blessed with life.

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