Paragraph on Life in a Boys Hostel – by Anand


Boys’ hostel is a very lively place to be in. it is a place where students from far-off places come to stay.

The students live with each other in either single rooms or double and triple sharing rooms.


They stay together and learn the values of co-operation and discipline. The hostel atmosphere is at times conducive to study and at times conducive to entertainment and fun.

Boys Hostel:

The boy’s hostel is situated inside the college campus and the teachers have a direct supervision over the hostel affairs. The students pay the hostel fees and the mess fees. Any delay in payment results in fines. Life in the boy’s hostel is helpful to the students. Students are taught the responsibility in matters of taking care of books, health, clothes and studies. One cannot depend on anyone else to their work. All the work is to be done by the students themselves. They become self-dependent. Students have to adjust in boy’s hostel in all kinds of situations with the pocket money which they receive from their parents.

Morning Washroom Difficulties:

There is always a struggle to get into the bathroom in the morning. The classes usually begin at 9 am. And since most of the students wake up late, everyone wants to go to the washroom first. Though there is quite a bit of commotion in the bathrooms in the morning, it is always fun to witness the same. A couple of students must definitely be fighting against each other to get in the washroom first.

The Games in the Corridors:

The students in the boy’s hostel usually play either cricket or catch the ball in the corridor. The warnings and the shouts of the hostel authorities fall on deaf ears. At times though, when a glass or two is broken by the result of the game, everyone hides in their own rooms to avoid being caught.

The Late Night Activities:


No one sleeps early or on time in the boys hostel. Everyone goes to sleep late. There are various reasons for the same. Some of the students don’t go to sleep early because they study till late in the night. Some other students are usually busy with their projects and presentations. While others are busy watching movies and other videos. The routine life of the students goes all wrong in the hostel.

The Mess:

The hostel mess is another place bustling with people during peak eating hours. One can always see students standing in a queue waiting to get food served on their plates. When the seats in the mess are full, people bring their food outside and have it there.


The students in a boys hostel read, have fun and dine together. They develop a sense of fellow feeling and friendship with each other. Usually nobody buys books as the books are exchanged between batch mates and are also passed on from seniors to juniors. Reading in groups is preferred rather than reading alone. It is thus a second home to each one of the residents and a wonderful place to be.

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