Paragraph on Life Science–by Rajan

Life science; it consists of some fields in science that entail the scientific and methodical studies of livelihood elements.

It contains the study and research on human beings, animals, plants, and microorganisms. It also contains some special subjects such as Bioethics.



Biology and ecology are always been the centerpieces of life science. The technical development in biotechnology as well as molecular biology has resulted in the growth of interdisciplinary fields.


There are various types included in a life science. All of these types are named on the basis of study and research included in it. Some focus on the life of human beings while some focus on the life of animals. For instance, botany is one type of life science which includes studies and research works on plants. Zoology is another type of life science which includes the study on animals.

Some life sciences include the studies on some particular features that are common to one or all living organisms like genetics and anatomy.

Bioengineering is another form of a life science which involves technological development related to living things. Even there are some specific types available in a life science that contains understanding the human body. For instance, neuroscience involves studying and understanding a human brain.



The standard and quality of our life has improved after the invention of a life science. They are applied in almost all fields such as agriculture, health, medication, food science, etc.

We became advanced in medical fields. Now, there are remedies available on the diseases that were considered as incurable in the past. There are treatments available on diseases like AIDS, cancer, diabetes, etc.

This science has rooted the seeds of “knowledge”. Now, a man knows how to be secure from a venomous berry. Man has understood some fundamental thoughts of building a shed. A man created a ship for fishing purposes. This is the knowledge acquired from a life science. We could also refer it as an accretion of experience. This knowledge separates us from other living organisms.

We cannot overlook the importance of scientific progress. This progress in life science has made our life more pleasant and simpler. Nowadays, we have access to numerous consumer items from the wrist watch to the personal computer, from the simple oven to the airplane.

We have achieved this progress through the education involved in a life science. We cannot imagine the struggles involved in our life when we consider the absence of a life science.

There is more progress yet to see in a life science. Many thoughts are still unexplained. Scientists are working on some major subjects. Man has spotted his foot on the moon, yet he is struggling to find another earth in the universe. This is all about a life science and consistent development in it.


Many people still consider science as a sum of specific subjects such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, mechanics etc. It is completely a mistaken thought because there is also a science called a life science which stays beyond these subjects.

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