Paragraph on Life without Goal – by Shanu

Life is not only about breathing in and out, eating, sleeping and talking. The essence of life can only be felt when we use it for a profitable cause or make our lives valuable.

The value of our lives does not depend on expensive shoes, valuable gems or luxurious bungalows or cars. A life becomes valuable when it is filled with love, happiness, satisfaction and contentment.


Similarly we should use our life in a judicious and profitable way which again not just depends on getting a good job or achieving monetary success in life. We make true use of our lives when we achieve a goal that we ourselves had set at some point of our lives. In other words our lives should be directed towards a goal. It is that goal that inspires us to live and help us to keep going.

Life without goal can be compared to a compass without a direction. Life becomes vague and meaningless when one does not know how to use it and in which direction. The term success is usually used to define the happiness that one feels when his/her goal is achieved. The goal a person chooses for his/her life reflects what the person thinks and feels for both himself/herself as well as for others.

For some people, helping the unfortunates is the ultimate goal of their lives, some devote their lives for the cause of their countries, some use their lives for the cause of their families, societies and communities and some live their lives for themselves. However one thing is common for all of them and that is, their lives have definite goals and such goals are their own personal responsibility and duty.

Setting a goal is undoubtedly important but striving to achieve it is more important and usually it is this strife that is tiresome. Right to choose own goals is something that almost everyone enjoys, but with this right comes the responsibility to fulfil it as merely setting a goal and not striving to achieve is almost same as a life without goal. It is not every time success is achieved. In fact people have to withstand multiple failures to get the taste of a single success, yet it is that sweet taste of that success that inspires people to keep going.

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