Paragraph on Life without Junk Food – by Soumyajeet


The new era of globalization has had its share of good and bad effects.

While the good effects are plenty, there are a few negative effects which have changed the entire Indian culture, while Americanizing everything- our attire, our architecture, our food habits and even the way we speak and conduct ourselves.

Junk Food:


Junk food is a relatively new term in the Indian vocabulary. It refers to food which is tasty but not nutritious- generally being made of refined flour, refined oil, refined sugar and potatoes in excess. The Indian cuisines also had junk food in them but presently, big foreign companies who have opened branches in every Indian city have ingrained these unhealthy foods in mainstream meals and people frequently are attracted to them leading to widespread cardiac and gastro-entrologic disorders.

Life without Junk Food:

Life without these junk foods will be an interesting one to think about. There will be no roll centres and aloo-tikki vendors at every crossing in plenty, there will be no global chain eateries at every market in the cities. No burgers, no pizzas, no French fries, no fried chicken- life will relay back to the era of nutritious and healthy food. People will have their main meals more in quantity.

The dietary intake will be balanced. Fresh fruits are the best substitutes of these harmful foods. They can be taken anytime; will be free of the sugar added in packed juices and come with a host of benefits to the body. They provide us with vitamins and minerals so that we are better equipped to fight diseases. Children will not be obese and have spoilt teeth. It will also mean that traditional Indian food like Dosa, lentil rice, yoghurt and other nutritious foods will find prominence.

Other better substitutes of junk food may include dry fruits like raisins, dates, nuts and apricots which improve blood circulation and provide growth proteins. The concept of singular eating out will also ebb out and then the joy of eating together with the family will be realized by today’s youth. Avoiding junk food will inhibit harmful cholesterol and diabetes and also less packaging waste will make the environment clean. Consumption cost will reduce and people will save or invest in better alternatives.



Taking this one step of abolishing junk food will have a chain of effects which will influence all levels of society. Most importantly, it will make us healthy individuals and keep diseases at bay.

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