Paragraph on Life without Trees – By Silki


Trees are very important to our lives. They provide an extensive range of benefits to everybody, our environment and to the rest of the world.

In the same breadth, life without trees leads to non-existence. In the first place, trees provide the world with a steady supply of oxygen and purified air, which is very essential to life’s existence.


Thus, understanding the importance of trees around us enables us to care and nurture them all throughout our lives, as well as to perform initiatives of propagating their existence through tree planting. As the noted American poet, Lucy Larcom, had once said, “He who plants a tree, plants a hope”.

Tree Planting:

Tree planting is the cheapest, easiest and most effective means for the comprehensive enhancement towards our quality of life, as well as to the enrichment and maintenance of our environment. Albeit in difficult locations, where soil and space are minimal or water is scarce, it is still ideal to plant trees since there are also tree species that specify their growth requirements with such limitations and difficulties.

In addition, this primordial urgency of planting is basically to avoid distressed conditions of a life without trees. In the long run, trees will be largely responsible for regulating erosion, reducing pollution, providing a balanced habitat for wildlife, improving the comforts of humanity, and saving energy.

While people and the rest of the world have kept using and relying upon the countless products and byproducts derived from trees such as paper, furniture, food, lumber, textiles, garments, industrial applications, medicines, etc., it is just prudent to think that the respective consumptions and cutting off trees must have their proper, accordant and due replacements through planting. It must always be noted that life without trees ends up our usage of these essential and life-sustaining tree products.

Benefits of Trees:


Aside from the infinite uses of trees, they have numerous benefits to humankind. Foremost, trees clear away significant levels of carbon dioxide— a principal green house gas that greatly contributes to climate change— from the atmosphere. As trees remove and absorb other dangerous gases and pollutants, they give back filtered and fresh air quality for us to breathe comfortably. Thus, one could just imagine how difficult it is living life without trees.

Moreover, trees become shields for noise and ultra-violet rays from the sun, and protect us from other damaging agents to our health. They also cause to control a lower temperature for cooler living conditions. Transpiration, or water vapor emitted by leaves, tends to become part of the process of producing rain. And, as rain falls, trees initially absorb rainwater through its roots to prevent flooding and massive land erosion. Now, we could just conclude that it is impossible to live life without trees.


We ought to love trees, plant trees and let trees be our pillar partners while living life. Indeed, a life without trees does not only rob us from appreciating the beauty of nature, but also snatches our privilege from delightfully experiencing the uses and benefits of God’s wonderful creations— trees as gifts of life.

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