Paragraph on Market Scene in My Town – by Silki


The state of progress and development, as well as faces of robustness and contentment, is all reflected at the market scene in my town.

It speaks of the abundance of my town’s produce, from fresh fruits, and vegetables, root crops and grains, livestock, dairy and poultry, to aquamarine and miscellaneous handicraft products for household use.


Being situated at the center of the neighboring villages, people from near and far endlessly converge, with both buyers and traders finding our market their most proximate trading place from home. The constantly teeming crowd makes our town in general and the marketplace in particular flourish economically.

The Marketplace:

The thriving market scene in my town can be viewed better from atop a hilly portion, just a stone’s throw away. The spaciously large market building is U-shaped with several stalls selling fish and aquatic resources on the left side, while having the same number of stalls selling livestock, dairy and poultry products on the right side. The dry goods section, which trades fruits, vegetables, crops, grains and other dry farm produce, is at the middle housing that connects the left and right buildings.

Along the alley in the center of the marketplace’s compound are make-shift stalls and bazaars merchandising saris and garments, handicrafts and miscellaneous wares. Around the peripheries are numerous food outlets, coffeehouses, wholesale stores and small business shops. Ambulant peddlers, agents and hawkers can be seen all around. In general, all the shops can satisfy and provide the daily necessities of the consumers who happen to visit the marketplace. However, just watching the market scene in my town is in itself an exciting attraction that entertains you perpetually.

Full of Life:

The market scene in my town is full of life. With the volume of traders, entrepreneurs and fledgling businessmen serving legions of market goers, one can just imagine how busy, and yet, fast and proper the business transactions are conducted. Everyone must be fully served and satisfied in a quick manner before the market’s closing hours. The moving scenes are all pictures of goodwill, human spirit, joy and laughter, buzzing noise, interactive relationships and differing tastes and styles of humanity.


Like in the city, the hustles and bustles of business are captured in the market, but in a more distinct way. Instead of trucks, horse-drawn carts are used to transport jutes of produce and cargo to be exported to other neighboring towns. Merchants have their respective coded prices when buyers bargain. Shopkeepers have their telephones handy to receive updates and prevailing prices of various commodities and markets in order to regulate prices and maintain the flow of business.


People from all walks of life populate the market scene in my town. It is actually a sign of economic stability of the place where I live. It embraces and welcomes all sorts of people, produce, and the appropriate ways of conducting business. They are the lifeblood of the market, and at the same time, contribute to the prosperity of my town.

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