Paragraph on Media – by Anand


Media is derived from the word ‘medium’ which means a mode or carrier. Media is an item which has been designed specifically to reach a mass of audience or viewers.


With the advent of the television, radio and the newspapers, the word ‘media’ started gaining tremendous importance. A new meaning to the word media has been added with the coming up of the information technology and internet.

Importance of Media:

In today’s world, media has become an indispensible element of the society. It has become as essential as food and clothing. Though the media is playing an commendable role in the strengthening of the society, it also comes with a number of drawbacks. The duty of media in the present day society is to inform and educate the people. It helps the individuals know what is happening in their surroundings. The social and cultural effect of the media on the society is overwhelming. The most important function which is done by media is to build a public opinion through its ability to reach the mass.

News and Entertainment:


One of the most important functions of the media is to create awareness amongst the mass regarding the events happening in the country and the world. The areas like war, health, politics, science, fashion, music etc are all covered by the media. It has become easier for the people to sit comfortably at home and watch the latest news and developments. Another aspect of media is entertainment. The foremost idea during the creation of media was to entertain the audience. Entertainment programs and items were the main attraction of radio, TV, cinemas etc. with the developing lifestyle and population, the demand for entertainment is also on the rise.

Political Awareness and Education:

Media oversees the political scenario. It is the building force of the nation. The details of the major political decisions are broadcasted by the media. It helps people make in informed choice during voting. Media also educates people. The extensive power of media which covers almost all aspects of life creates awareness and proves to be educational for people. The Media also helps to make public announcements during the time of natural calamities like flood, epidemics etc.

Disadvantages of Media:

Though the media can be hailed as the greatest invention of the modern era, it still comes with a number of drawbacks. With a tremendous influencing ability, the media can induce baseless ideas with the help of advertisements, which put a bad impression on the audience. Most of the times, the people are induced into buying substandard products. The greatest misuse of the media happens when the truth is distorted and displayed to the public. This leads to unnecessary sensationalization of the issue which at times leads to the fall of regimes or governments.


The power of educating the people about the good and the bad is held by the media. Because of its tremendous influencing ability, the media is a powerful estate in the present world. It should perform the noble duty of enlightening the people.

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