Paragraph on Miracle of Electricity

Here is your paragraph on the Miracle of Electricity !

Life without electricity will be motionless. Miracle of electricity is everywhere.


Whether it’s your house where you spend most of your time, your office, or when spending some fun time with your friends, you will always need electricity.

At least our modern life can’t be imagined without the assistance of electricity.

Can you think about living your life without the basic technologies that can’t work without the help of electricity? How your morning starts? My morning starts with a fresh homemade juice, for which I need a juicer. Again, no machines can operate without electricity. Can you think of any major home appliances that run without electricity? Electricity has made our life surprisingly easier. We’re so accustomed to live an electricity dependant life that we often tend to forget that there was a time when it didn’t even exist.

Where else we can see the miracle of electricity? We can see it in our country’s development. Our country, economy and different industries are directly or indirectly related to this valuable resource. Computers and all other advance gadgets need electricity for daily operations. Think how much we need computers in our daily lives.


Nowadays every household has computers. But then again, computers don’t run without electricity. As for now, scientists and industry giants are trying hard to explore different resources to produce electricity from a substitute. The sources that we use at present to produce electricity are not renewable. As the growing size of civilization is going to need more of this precious energy in the future, scientists are trying to find the substitutes so that we can continue our lifestyle without any intervention.

Life will become standstill without the miracle of electricity. Its contributions to our society is beyond imagination. Advancements of technology depend on electricity. If you see the progress of industries and agriculture nowadays, somehow electricity has a significant input in that. Modern science also has a lot of dependency on electricity. So yes, I won’t hesitate to say that miracle of electricity makes our life better.

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