Paragraph on Money can’t buy happiness – by Shanu

The old adages still ring today, must be more than ever. Along with the many people out from work they use to wonder that from where the money will come for fulfilling the necessities of the.

However, as there is nothing can be found which sets stress in as well as it could be a killer means mentally along with physically.


Human body is not able to handle much stress in result it will go over loaded as well as become sick soon. Most of the people are born with silver spoon in their mouth but others have to work extremely hard for achieving money.

Things that Money can’t Buy:

Money is most important in every one’s life. Every person needs money for their needs that can be purchased by money, but there are many things which cannot be purchased by money. Thus, for some time a person feel the tighten money quest around yourself and your thoughts relax as well as think for following things which may that money can’t buy thus this will be a reason which loosen your thoughts.

Money can’t buy happiness as well as love. It is a cliché, but it is true also. Money help you in buying things which help initially attracting people towards you, even money can also buy lust. But money is not able to buy the respect that is mutual and admiration which accompanies true love. Money also does not buy the experience that one have with someone who is special. Money is not able to purchase talent, good manners as well as etiquettes also.

Power of Money:

Nowadays, money has become a powerful in entire world as well as it is also controlling the life of numerous people. If one is having money in their pocket then it is quite easier to influence other that help in creating a good and strong place within the society. Most of the people do that they don’t want to do, and for this they have to migrate to different nations by which they can earn money.


Money is a language that can be easily understood by irrespectively by most of the people of other language too. Thus, if a person says that money can’t buy happiness then it is not completely true as with the help of the money one can easily purchase happiness that not last for long, as money can able to bring the momentary joy.


Most of the people think when they had money they could ever have then they will receive a peace of mind by knowing that their life will be going to work properly. As there are fine lines between the illusion of happiness as well as happiness and it will happen when one has a lot of money and they do not know that what they have to do with it. But it will do not provide peace of mind and the saying that money can’t buy happiness is somewhat true as money can provide you the luxurious things but not the lifelong happiness.

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