Paragraph on Money is the Key to Happiness –by Silki


I don’t believe entirely that money is the key to happiness. To some extent, yes, it’s the most essential factor that retains the power to simplify many major complexities of the life. But, it doesn’t assure happiness.


Happiness actually depends on a person’s own perspective, nature and inclination to be happy.

I know you’ll say everyone wants to be happy. That’s right, but, our approach to bring happiness in life is not right most of the times. I believe money is not the only thing which we need for a happy life.

Money Can’t Buy:

If someone says money is the key to happiness, I can’t say he/she is entirely wrong. Money can assure a secure and improved life. But, our happiness depends on our attitude as well. While money can buy you education, it can’t make you a good person if you don’t want to be. Whether you will be a helpful, or a person with a good heart, that will depend on your upbringing. Money can’t buy a family culture. Money can buy you degrees, but it can’t buy you knowledge if you’ve no interest in it. So, above all, your intention will matter. As there are so many things which money can’t help you get, it’s not entirely right to say that money is the key to happiness.


If I have to agree with the thought that money is the key to happiness, the supporting evidence will be that money can save a life, cure many severe diseases, get us all tangible things, like a car and a house and a financially stable future. But, can money assure that your child will be an exceptionally brilliant or intelligent person in the future? It will depend on the genes the child will carry and his/her intentions.

Money is an advantage. If you’ve the intention, willpower and determination, money will make things easier. As struggles will be less, achieving your dream will be easier with its help. It’s a powerful supporting factor. But, it will never be the only thing required for happiness.

Money is Not the Answer for Everything:

Why I don’t believe that money is the key to happiness, because it can’t buy you the warmth of love. It can’t buy you an honest friendship. There is no guarantee that a person will love you honestly and wholeheartedly because you’ve too much money. If your family needs your time, you may not be able to give it, because you’re too much busy earning money for them. So, despite giving them a lot of money, you can’t make them happy.


It’s not right to say that money is the key to happiness, because your happiness never relies only on money. Earning money is a necessity, but, it’s not the only thing which can get you success. Your passion for your aim, your dedication, hard work and attitude – several things will decide whether you will be successful or not. To be able to live a life with dignity, you’ve to earn your respect. Money can make people fear your power; but, it can’t make them respect you as a person. This is why, I don’t believe that money is the key to happiness.

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