Paragraph on Mother’s Day- by Anand


Mother’s day is a day dedicated to all mothers in the world signifying their role in our lives.


Mother’s day is usually not celebrated but last year it was celebrated in our school as it clashed with the education week. A mother plays a very essential role in the education of a child and hence, mother’s day was celebrated in that week.

Introduction to the Theme of the Day: Mothers

The theme selected for that day was highlighting the role of the mothers in the upbringing of their children. The mother is the person who is responsible in shaping the character of her child. The role of the mother in the child development process is of a varied nature as she not only oversees the physical development of the child but also makes sure that the child undergoes proper mental and spiritual growth.

Role of the Mother:


On that very day, all teachers and the principal spoke on the role of mothers in the development of the child as well as their role in the society. The Head Inspectress of the schools presided over the function along with the President of the Mother’s Association. Our principal welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests. Each one of them spoke on the different aspects of the mother’s role.

A mother creates and shapes the environment in which the development of the child’s occurs. The behaviors and mannerisms of the child are a reflection of the place or home where it has been brought up. The main objective of the day was to make the mother’s realize that they play the most important role in the upbringing of the child.

Mother’s Role in the Health of the Child:

There were a number of speakers who spoke on the role of the mother in the nutritional development of the child. They emphasized on the preparation and provision of a balanced diet for the children and the modes of preparation of wholesome food at home. The need for better health of the children was stressed upon as the same affects the overall health of the nation.

Some of the speakers also talked on environment cleanliness. From a perspective of health, a child should always be allowed to play freely and should be protected from the dangers existing in a crowded area. A very pertinent point was raised as to the requirement of sufficient space for play in the school for the children which has to be ensured by the Government. Emphasis was also laid upon the moral education in schools.


Thus Mother’s day celebration in our school was a huge success. The role and importance of mothers were brought into light and their requirement in every stage of the development of the child was focused upon. It was also seen how mothers could help in making the midday meal scheme a success. The speakers were also of the view as to how a loving, friendly and affectionate atmosphere in homes by mothers could help in the shaping the character and developing the habits of the child.

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