Paragraph on Multiple Choice are Better than Essay Test – by Shanu

The learning process should be very easy for the children. The students always find it very difficult to learn some topics in which they didn’t find their interest.

To increase their interest in the particular subject, teachers have introduced a different method that is an essay.


The teachers give a particular topic to the student and ask them to write a unique essay on that topic. As essay requires a lot of time and dedication, a student finds it very difficult to finish their essay. Due to this, they take the help of a professional writer. This will keep a student far to know more about that topic or subject. So it is important to use different methods for teaching. Many experts are of the opinion that multiple choices are better than essay test. It gives better knowledge about a particular study.

Is an essay test better method of teaching?

However, there is long lasting debate on which is a better essay test or multiple choice? Many people have their different views. Though essay testing is better for higher-level learning, but it takes too much time for students to prepare for the exams. Further, this testing allows students to express their view on a particular subject, but it measures only limited aspects of the learner. It is ok if a teacher wanted to evaluate small groups of students, but at the same time it may not actually able to measure the ability of the mass. Further, they require a longer time for learners to think, organize and write their answers.

On the other hand, multi choice test has a great versatility in measuring rote memory to more complex knowledge. It takes very short time for teachers to measure large amount of information. The most-important thing is it will help the teacher to evaluate a large number of students. This all proves that multiple choices are better than essay test.


Essay test is more stressful for students:

As essay questions require student to give more specific information about a specific subject, it takes a lot of time for the student to prepare themselves for the exams. Further, this test requires the student to respond on the spot to any prompt with coherent presentation and an interesting presentation of their ideas. Therefore, it is easy for students to opt for multiple choice tests as they can prepare themselves without much effort and stress.

Essay test is like a nightmare for the student, as in a very short period the test requires a student to write down their view and ideas in a precise manner on a particular subject. On the hand, in a multiple choice exam they have to select the correct answer among to three options.

Both exams have advantages and disadvantages:

Though above points prove that essay test is not as well as multiple choices, but the multiple choice test has some disadvantages. In this test, teacher will not able to recognize student’s weakness for a particular topic.

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