Paragraph on My Aim in Life to Be a Scientist – by Anand


My aim in life is to be a scientist. I have always been fascinated by science as a subject and my main attraction was the application of science to various things.


Science has advanced to a great extent in the recent times and so have the scientists.

The miracles that science performs fascinate me and I want to be a scientist to conduct the same miracles and develop solutions for problems around us.

The Importance of Having an Aim:

Having an aim in life is helpful in many ways. First of all, it gives us a sense of direction. When we set our aims, we become certain of what we want in life and thus start striving hard for the same. It also keeps us disciplined and focus. We start respecting the profession we want to have and our respect for the people pursuing the same profession also grows. An aimless life is a miserable life with no destination.


Importance of a Scientist:

A scientist plays a very important part in the society. The scientist finds ways and methods with the help of science to solve the basic problems prevalent in the society. The scientist is the person who is looked to for help whenever issues like pollution control, global warming, deforestation, nuclear warfare, chemical weaponry etc become the primary issues of the nation or nations. A scientist has advanced knowledge in one or many sciences. This advanced knowledge makes him/her an expert in the same field and they can provide effective solutions to the problems arising in that field.

My Reasons for Becoming a Scientist:

As a scientist, I would like to contribute to the society by inventing cost-effective tools for the basic necessities that people require. I would like to research upon the problem of shortage of electricity and then find out cheaper methods of generating electricity. This generation of electricity shall be done by utilization of the natural resources around us. This would be a great boon for the people who live without electricity.

The other area where I would like to focus my attention is the medical and pharmaceutical sector. A majority of the poor people cannot afford medicines to cure themselves or their closed ones. As a scientist, I would conduct research to develop cheaper varieties of medicines and pharmaceutical products so that the poor people can afford them. I would also make cheaper medical equipments so that much money is not spent on importing them from abroad.


My aim in life to be a scientist will help me and the people around me lead a more comfortable life. I have the best parents who support me and think highly of my ambitions in life. They get me books and encyclopaedias on science and also support me to take part in science exhibitions and fairs. I really believe in my aim and it makes me strive hard for it. My dream of becoming a scientist will soon become a reality.

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