Paragraph on My Best Birthday – by Rajan

My best birthday took place in year 2011 at my home. It was the greatest day I ever had in my whole life.

It truly staggered me in various aspects.



I was born on 31st December. The whole world celebrates this date as the last day of calendar but I and my family treat this day with a little special loom. I didn’t have idea that 31st December 2011 would become the best ever birthday of my life.

My Best Birthday Celebration:

The celebration started at 12 o’ clock in the night. I was preparing for the sleep but suddenly my phone started ringing. My friends were calling me at that time. Their impractical actions disturbed me initially because it was not the right time to call someone at; but I understood that they were actually teasing me and trying to disturb my sleep. I was receiving phone calls till midnight.

On the next day, I woke up early in the morning. I took my phone to examine whether I missed someone’s calls. I found almost 70 beautiful messages from my friends. I was so happy to see that my friends truly care for my happiness.

We celebrate our birthday just once in a year. So my parents always seem to be genial on that day. In year 2011, they arranged a birthday party for my friends. It was the first time when my parents were showing the equal interest in my friends.


I and my mother decided to invite my friends in unusual mode. We planned of making invitation cards. My mother knows all of my friends. So she created a list of friends. She advised me to send invitation cards to them via speed-post facility. She personally prepared each invitation card. The content written inside cards was different in each invitation card so as to match the flavor of a particular buddy.

Thereafter we went to the nearby market for purchasing party items such as colorful ribbons, balloons, mask, triangular hats etc. She also bought some stunning toys, teddy bears, comic books etc. to pass as a return gift. At the end, we put order for a big cake.

When we returned to the house, she suggested me some of the finest home decoration tips and then she went to the kitchen. She cooked truly delicious food items for my friends including Dosa, Pav-Bhaji, Uthappa etc.

My friends reached my home in the evening. My father prearranged a few playoffs for us and he befell the adjudicator. We played many funny games such as parcel passing, musical chair, dumb pretenses, chase the leader etc. There was a surprise gift arranged for the winner.

I cut the cake exactly at 8 o’ clock. All of my friends greeted me with lots of stunning gifts. I distributed cake, chocolates, and return gifts among them. After finishing my birthday party, I went to my sleeping room with the pleasure of celebrating the best ever birthday of my life.


I have realized that we enhance the joy of certain celebrations when we involve our parents in it, and my birthday party is the most suitable example of this fact. I am grateful to God for giving me such caring parents.

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