Paragraph on My Brother – by Anand


One person can be the inspiration you want in your life and the person you can depend upon anytime.

That person can be as loving as a parent and as strict as a teacher. That person, in my case, is my brother.


My brother has been a major influence and has impacted prominently in every event of my life. His unflinching support for me and his constant motivation pushes me to be a better person every day.

Describing My Brother:

My brother is a short, fair guy with big, expressive eyes. He is usually always clad in a sleeveless t-shirt and bermuda shorts and can be spotted with a book in his hand. He is an avid book reader and has read more books than I have actually seen in my entire life. He takes interest in writing essays and collecting stamps. His curiosity irritates all the teachers in our school but that is how he learns new things every day. His sense of simplicity and innocence is what I admire the most about him.

My Brother’s Role in My Life:

My brother is my second parent after my father and my mother. He is a guiding figure in my life and ensures that the rules set by our parents are not broken. Whatever problems I face, he is always ready to help and assist. He keeps asking me to not give up and try harder for every little thing. He taught me the value of sharing things with others.

My brother always knew that I was a huge fan of the game of cricket. He took it upon himself to teach me the basics and playing with me regularly so that I develop the skills. His attitude towards everything in life is appreciable.


I don’t think I would have developed such a passion for cricket had it not been for my brother. He was always punctual when it came to school timings and would not allow me to be even a minute late. While in school, he ensured that I had my lunch properly and if anyone bullied me, he would never let that student get away with it. Even till today, my brother is the closest person to me in my family. I let him in on all my secrets and he in turn tells me his.


My brother taught me many things in life which help me even till today. I cherish him because he guided me in the right path and ensured that I do not fall prey to bad influences. He made me the person I am today. He is my inspiration.

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