Paragraph on My Commitment to Teaching – by Rajan

My commitment to teaching covers a lot of good plans and decisions.

There is no work as hard as teaching. Some teachers not at all rise to be something superior to mediocre.



Teaching involves techniques and tricks to train someone. But, some teachers don’t consider this profession a serious job and they go on spending the days to complete the training period of a month or a year. In contrast, I have perceived some good thoughts in teaching.

Becoming a good teacher!

To my fortune, I got some of the best teachers in my learning age. I have collected best manners of teaching from them. Even though this inventory is surely not comprehensive I have pointed numerous qualities of a good teacher. I seize these qualities to be the most vital, in spite of the age of the student.

Tireless work:

The best teachers, forever, work diligently to form a testing, fostering atmosphere for their learners. An immense teaching gives the impression to have fewer to act with our acquaintance and abilities than with our approach headed for our learners, topic, and profession.

Respect towards students:

There is no bliss as bright as revering own students. As a teacher, I am imposed for giving value to the thoughts and opinions of each of my student. In this way, my students feel secure to convey their mind-set and become skilled at revering and listening to others.

Creating a community:


A good teacher forms an insight community in the classroom. This communal admiration in my classroom grants an encouraging and mutual atmosphere. In this tiny group of students, I have formulated some regulations to pursue and tasks to do on a daily basis. In my classroom, every learner has given the equal importance inside community.

Soft nature:

According to me, a good teacher must be affectionate, reachable, passionate and gentle. A teacher must be easy to approach so that students can reach to him in any troubling situation. My students know that they can reach to me with any troubles or disquiets or even to tell a comic tale. A good teacher must be soft in nature.

Spread the equality:

According to me, a teacher is responsible for the progress of the entire class. I never provide extra attention on scholar students and not even ditch the dull students. I believe in spreading the feeling of equality among my students.

Large expectations:

Similar to spreading equality, I set large expectations from all students. I motivate them to work gracefully. I emphasize the competitive nature of this world. As a result, all of my students achieve higher grades in the exams. I never put them under pressure or burdens, but a little strict behavior is always helpful than being extra soft.


I consider teaching as an art. It is a gift that looks as if to appear rather naturally. If it is not innate then one has to work hard for achieving the qualities of a good teacher. I feel proud when my students remember me when they are asked about a good teacher in their life.

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