Paragraph on My Dream City – Cochin


Each one of us does have a dream city where we wish to be in. Though we live in different parts of different city, there would be one city that would truly be close to our hearts.

No matter where we go, we would always long to be there, the rest of our lives.

My dream City:


Just like any other person, I too love to be in my dream city, which happens to be Cochin, the Queen of Arabian Sea in God’s Own Country!!! How beautifully she is named. Oh!! a beautiful place to be with gleaming lights at night, busy roads, happening places and above all a well advancing metro city. The next upcoming metro city she is, in all her glory and glamour. Just like any other metro cities, Cochin is also the most sorted cities these days.

With the huge number of floating crowd, Cochin is the right place for great business opportunities. From local vendors to business tycoons, you would find a wide array of people in here. A busy and crowded place, yet a city that is loved and enjoyed by all that are in here. Busy streets, wonderful eat-outs, beautiful backwaters and above all the maintain the old heritage is what makes her all more attractive.

Cochin is one great destination for tourists all across the world. It is never enough to explore at one go and hence people come in time and again to explore the magnificent place and its beauty. With many monuments, heritage holding places, British architecture, beautiful backwaters, handicrafts, and many more, tourists are attracted to this beautiful place.

This city has and is always my dream. With being such a happening place, I just love being here. The crowded malls, fashion updates, wonderful hang outs, life is just splendid in here. I have been in this city for more than 15 years and have seen it grow over the years. Growth just happens to fast that one would hardly notice the difficulties that happens during that phase.


Cochin is also a wonderful place for many financial institutes, financial transactions. With the wonderful port that she has, she has a great connection with almost all international countries and maintains a good relationship for the import export business.


Who could refuse such a great city? A City beaming with lots of opportunities for those willing to take the challenge and many people do come in here, to this wonderful city, seeking to fulfill their dreams. Cochin is one among the highly rated cities across the globe and I am proud to be in such a city, which has all glory and beauty that cannot be measured in words, but can be only felt. An experience that would last a lifetime!!!!

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