Paragraph on my English Class – by Rajan

My English class was a pleasurable experience for me. I have learnt thorough knowledge of English dialect through this class.


English is the only language which is commonly used all over the world.


Therefore, this language has got special consideration in all schools. My school is not an exception to this fact. Our instructor Mrs. Kulkarni used to teach us this dialect for almost five years. She has scrupulous understanding of this subject as she has completed M.A. in English.


My English class contained sixty students. In the beginning, all of us were empty minded but our professor filled our minds with the poems, stories, grammar and many significant parts in English.

Classroom sessions:

We had one classroom session per day for this language. Even if now I am proficient in English I still remember the journey carried out by me.


Initially we were taught formal alphabets in English. Our professor taught us how to sing the English alphabets in a tune. She taught us the history of each alphabet. We understood the origin of each single alphabet in English.

Basic knowledge:


After learning the alphabets, we moved on to grammar. She taught us some basic things like the usage of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and many more. She taught us the procedure of their applications.

After knowing the much part of grammar, we needed to learn the basic writing and reading manners. We were taught to write some simple essays. During this period, we learnt the art of sentence creation. We started applying the grammar rules while writing.

Side by side to writing, our professor taught us the reading procedures involved in this language. She taught us the pronunciation methods. This is what we call accent. She advised us to read English newspapers. Besides this, she instructed us to watch English news channels.

Many times she personally brought the newspaper inside class and showed us the method of reading.


I never felt my English class to be boring as mathematics and science. In fact, I never missed this class. Our professor used to tell us fairy tales ones in a week. These tales always attracted us to learn more and more of English. She also included some games during the classroom sessions like debate competition between boys and girls, poem competition and much more. These joyful activities made this class entirely funny and enjoyable.

I have realized that these activities have taught many hidden secrets of this language. I understood the method of speaking English. This class has given a lot to me that I could not pay back.


I attended this class for almost five years in my school life. I cannot forget a single moment that I have spent in my English class. When I look at my current life and profession I feel that whatever I am today is because of this class and our professor. I still remember all of my classmates, the fun activities carried out by us, and most importantly our beloved Mrs. Kulkarni madam.

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