Paragraph on My Family – By Anand


Family is the most basic and important unit of every society. It is also the strongest.

A number of families make up a society. A family is the first school for the child where it receives the basic education and values of life. The family teaches the child good manners and moral values. They build the character of the child and lay the basic foundation of how he thinks. My family has been very supportive of me and I feel fortunate to have taken birth in a family where values were inculcated in our childhood itself.

My Family:


I am a part of a middle class family in which there are six members. The six members include my parents, my grandparents and my younger brother. The head of the family is my grandfather who usually enjoys a commanding position. Any decision taken in the family is verified with him first. No one in the family dares to go against what he says as he is the respected guardian of the family. His decisions are always fair and reasonable in the eyes of everyone and he is never influenced by anyone. My grandfather is a retired professor and he helps me and my sister in our studies in the evening.

My Parents:

My father works in the police service and is a stern disciplinarian. He is very hard-working and is a stickler of punctuality. My mother is a homemaker and she did her masters in English. Unlike my father, my mother is caring and soft-natured. She makes sure everyone in the house stays healthy. At times, while looking after each member of the family she forgets to think about herself. My mother and father are both god-fearing.

Describing My Brother:

My brother is a short, fair guy with big, expressive eyes. He is usually always clad in a sleeveless t-shirt and bermuda shorts and can be spotted with a book in his hand. He is an avid book reader and has read more books than i have actually seen in my entire life. He takes interest in writing essays and collecting stamps. His curiosity irritates all the teachers in our school but that is how he learns new things every day. His sense of simplicity and innocence is what I admire the most about him.

Values of My Family:

My family has always stressed upon values and discipline. Morals and ideals of life are given great importance in my life. Since my early childhood days, I was taught the values of caring for the needy and respecting my elders. My grandfather made sure that I understood the meaning of honesty and punctuality. My parents pushed me to not only excel in academics but also in extra-curricular activities. Going to bed early and waking up early was one of the other habits inculcated in us. Thus, I remained healthy and fit.



My family is perfect in itself. The younger ones have respect for the elders while the elders shower love and affection on the younger ones. I am proud of my family.

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