Paragraph on My Family- by Silki


A paragraph about my family is never going to be enough for what I feel and how I feel about them.


To begin with, I would say that I’m thankful to God for being so kind to me. I’m a part of a family that gives the first priority to the development and well being of their children.

I’m a part of the family, which is free of the curse of discrimination, nasty social rituals and blind superstition. I am a girl child of my family. And what I see at present, it makes me a proud child of my parents.

My Family is My Backbone:

I won’t say that I come from an undisputed family. There are tons of complications in my family, and tons of issues are going on between my parents. But despite the complications, they were always by my side. My family deserves my unconditional support and affection. I didn’t realize how grateful I should be for my family until I became aware of the treatment the girl children receive in our country. My family never makes me feel that I am a girl child, or I don’t deserve the love and attention because I’m not a boy.


Furthermore, they were the reason that I could fight many life uncertainties. You know, our society puts bundles of obligations in front of a girl. In many conservative societies, they are not allowed to do higher studies, make friends, live an independent life and do marriages according to their wish.

Even being a part of the 20th century, the society has not been able to come out of the unacceptable customs and injustice done to the girl children. I’m thankful to my family because of not being a part of girl and boy child discrimination. For my family, a girl is equivalent to a boy.

My Family is Behind My Success:

I could not stand against so many odds if my family was not there behind me always. My family is my strength and courage. I will never be able to express their contributions clearly perhaps.

There was a time I remember when I didn’t have the faith in myself. I was scared of harsh family issues after my marriage. In India, woman independence is seen as a legal offence. I was extensively criticized for my self-dependent attitude and career optimistic outlook. People were against them. It’s still going on. But my family is always there to listen to my problems and advise proper actions.


My family not only is a big source of inspiration to me, but they also are the reason why I’m so confident and a responsible person today. My family always showed me the path of honesty. I am doing good in my career and my personal life because of the examples and the learning they wanted me to see and learn. I’m proud of my family and will do anything to stand by their side. My family is the reason I’m living an independent life. My family deserves the love of life.

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