Paragraph on My Favorite Activity – Jenny


We all are blessed with certain talents or gifts that we need to realize and utilize.

These talents or gifts are what eventually become our favorite activities and we get more involved in doing the same without getting bored or finding a difficulty in doing. It just flows out naturally from us.

My favorite Activity:


There are so many activities that, I love to be involved in or rather say I would do. I love to listen to music, especially when I am in good mood and when I am so much into a work that requires lots of concentration. It really relaxes me and gives me a wonderful feeling to carry out the task whatever I am in such a smooth and easy manner. At some other times, I love to draw. Yes I do draw and I have drawn many pictures, both small and big. But drawing is one activity that requires no disturbance and hence it sometimes only catches my attention.

Another favorite activity that I really love is reading books. Reading has always fascinated me and I just get too much involved in the book that I am reading, especially if it is a thriller one. Earlier, a lot of reading used to be done, but now due to lack of time, reading has been reduced, however, whenever I get time, I would still have a book in my hand that would make me glued till it is done.

Off lately, I have developed a keen interest on designing and designing does not refer to the normal kind of dress or jewellery designing. Designing Cakes is what I love the most. It just gives me lots of relaxation, though the work is tough and I thoroughly enjoy it. It is purely creativity relished in all manners. So much detailing and work goes in to designing a cake and all the effort is just washed off, with that great smile on your client’s face. There is no other satisfaction that you could get while seeing your clients being happy for that they wanted.

Writing is another activity that I like, and which I enjoy. It makes you acquire lots of information and makes you aware of plenty number of topics that you are totally unaware off. It gives me satisfaction to know that people across the globe, do enjoy the content what I write and that is indeed an honor for good writing.



One cannot just conclude with one specific activity that one would call as favorite. Different activities gives you different feelings and hence, depending on the situation and mood is what we decide on what activity we do, well at least that is how I am. No matter what ever activity we are involved in, ultimately it is our happiness and satisfaction that matters. So enjoy whatever you like doing and feeling happy about yourself, is all that matters.

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