Paragraph on My Favourite Actor- by Anand


My favourite actor is Aamir Khan. He is one of the most versatile actors in the Hindi film industry.


Known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’, Aamir Khan has always enthralled his audience with amazing movies.

I have always been a fan of Aamir Khan ever since I first saw his debut movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. Aamir Khan started as the chocolate boy in the film industry and matured as an actor as he did more and more movies. His idea of reading the script first and then selecting the role is what appeals me about him.

His Movies Which Impacted Me:

Taare Zameen Par:


Aamir Khan’s passion for his movies is very evident. It has been claimed by people in the industry that Aamir involves himself so much in the movie that he almost ghost-directs it. A very pertinent example of the same is his movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ which was being directed by someone else initially but later was taken over by Aamir Khan. It was a blessing in disguise for the movie as it turned out to be one of the most touching movies of today. People have claimed to have roken down to tears after watching the movie.


Another one of his movies which impacted me was ‘Ghulam’. Ghulam tells the story of a simple and satisfied vagabond who is forced to give up his carefree ways and fight the guy who continuously terrorized the community. The movie was a commercial hit but it was well appreciated by the critics as the movie which left a strong message for the society i.e. the power of unity against oppressive rule.

3 Idiots:

His latest movie ‘3 idiots’ was the highest grossing movie in Bollywood. Unlike the other high grossers, this movie had emotion, drama, social message etc. the movie was critically acclaimed and proved that Aamir Khan is really the most versatile actor in Bollywood film industry.

Aamir’s Approach to His Movies:

Aamir Khan is not just a volatile actor but a director with a vision different than the others. His movies are usually ones with an underlying message rather than having mindless entertainment. Some of his movies which have received wide acclaim from the film industry and beyond are Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Fanna, Earth, Rang De basanti etc.

His movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was a movie with which many could associate themselves as it was made very realistic. The aforementioned movies show that he is one of the rare actors/directors who believe in intelligent filmmaking. He is the actor who does just a couple of films each year unlike other actors. He never attends award functions and claims that such awards are superficial in nature and lack credibility.


Thus, Aamir Khan is one of the best actors in the industry and is my favourite. His movies have been lauded at several prestigious international film festivals including the Cannes, BAFTA’s and the Oscars. Aamir Khan is the living example of how if you are passionate about something you do, you can become perfect at it. This is one of the main reasons why he is my best actor.

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