Paragraph on My Favourite Singer – by Anand


My favourite singer is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is the name synonymous with the term ‘pop’ in the music world.


Known as the ‘king of pop’, Michael Jackson was one of the most famous artists in the world. His albums have known to top the charts for months together.

Michael Jackson also holds the record for the maximum sales of a single album by an individual. I started listening to Michael Jackson during my boards and ever since the, I have been a huge fan of him.

Reasons Why I Like Michael Jackson:

The primary reason why I like Michael Jackson is for his voice. His voice stands on a different footing unlike other singers. He sings in a high pitched tone which can all be seen in his famous hits like ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’ etc. Another reason why I like him is his performances while singing. He not only sings well but also matches the same with amazing on-stage performances. Besides that, Michael Jackson’s songs have very meaningful lyrics. And other than all this, he is known for his very famous ‘moonwalk’, which is a revolutionary dance step that he invented.


Life of Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson initially performed with his brothers and thereafter started his solo performances. The group together was known as ‘Jackson Five’. Before he began his own career in singing, he sang for the ‘Jackson Five’ and was their lead vocalist. When he was only eleven years old, the Jackson Five released their first single CD ‘I want you back’ and it was a huge hit all over the world. Despite being very cute and little in size, Michael Jackson’s voice was very mature and vigorous. His songs make people energetic and active.

Other Aspects of His Personality:

Michael Jackson has also been a philanthropist. Despite earning millions of rupees by selling his albums all over the world, Michael has contributed immensely to charities and other groups. For this nature of his, he has been loved by people all over the world. Michael Jackson also supported many social causes in the world and raised his voice against the same. Some of the issues have been race and apartheid. Even some of his music videos have shed light upon such issues like ‘Black or White’ etc. Thus, Michael Jackson has been very prominent in a number of aspects.


Michael Jackson will always remain my most favourite singer. Despite been involved in a number of controversies like child abuse etc, which have tainted his image to an extent, he remains in the heart of millions of people all around the world. He entertains everyone with his singing, dancing and performance on the stage. His live concerts’ tickets are sold out in full and people go crazy when he starts dancing. Though Michael Jackson is no more yet the memories which he has provided to each of his fans will always remain with them.

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