Paragraph on My Hobby: Singing – by Jenny


Hobbies are of different kinds and each person would be having different kind of hobbies. Singing, dancing, painting, photography, cooking, gardening and the list is just endless.

It basically depends on the interest of the person on what kind of hobby they possess. In my case, I would say that my hobby is Singing and I just love to sing at every possible chance that I could.

Why singing:


Right from my childhood, I used to love songs and I used to listen to many different kinds of songs. Then when I started picking up on the lyrics, my parents realized that I really had a passion for music. Music classes were searched and finally I was being put to one, under a well-trained teacher. From then on, I never looked back. I was taught from the basics to Carnatic, western, light music and so on. I just fell in love with music each time I learnt something new. The training did help me to get my vocals and modulations right and this enabled me to take part in various competitions that came up, during my childhood.

I have attended so many competitions and I was so glad that in a few of them I could win and beat my competitors while few others I could not and hence could learn my mistakes.

I started taking up singing seriously and with lots of encouragement and support from friends and family, I did make it to bigger heights. I had shows that I could perform and it was indeed a turning path for me at a young age.


No matter what, if you are truly passionate about your hobby and have a vision, then getting to that greatest point is one among the greatest experience you could have in life. Follow your passion and it will make your reach heights with great satisfaction and happiness. The best feeling one could ever get in life that moment when your hobby becomes your career.

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