Paragraph on My Hobby: Stamp Collection – by Jenny


Each one of us do have a hobby or a pass time favorite that we all love and enjoy.

For some it may be reading, while for some others it may be music, there would be some others interested in painting or collection of some old stuffs.


The choice of hobby is vast and it solely depends on the taste of the person. Well for me, my hobby is Stamp Collection. I have a huge collection of stamps for all over the world.

How it started:

It all began when I was around the age of 10. My father handed over a small book to me and said that it was some of his collections that he had as a child. While going through it, I somehow got fascinated towards it. At first I used to collect stamps that were there on envelops that used to come by mail from abroad. Gradually, my interest on it grew and I started learning on it in deep. This hobby is known as Philately and is one among a profitable business too. If one has great and rare collections of stamps, they could also fetch great deal of amounts on selling them. There are markets where you could buy and sell stamps.

Since my uncle works at a big merchant office, I have an easy accessibility for collecting stamps of different countries across the world. Each stamp would specify a specific feature or the flora or faun of that country and in this way, it also helps to increase my awareness of each country too. Apart from the flora and fauna, sometimes stamps may have pictures of great people of that country and one would get to know the great men of those countries through these stamps.


Stamp collection is not only a hobby, but also a gateway to tremendous amount of awareness and knowledge about other countries. For me, this is a wonderful hobby as I thoroughly enjoy collecting stamps that are rare to be obtained and I maintain an album where all my collections are kept neatly and safely. I am proud of myself to be in love with this hobby.

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