Paragraph on My Leisure Time – by Soumyajeet


“All work and no play, Makes Jack a dull boy”

This old phrase quite aptly puts the need of leisure or some playtime in our heavy schedules to replenish our mental energy and make us more productive and sharp.


Leisure time means the time when our time is at our command, free from all work related engagements and thus the time in which we can engage in something we consider fruitful, which can even mean dozing off. In fact, most of us yearn for leisure time throughout our work schedule.

My Leisure Time:

Being a student, most of my time is taken up by academic interests and other scholastic pursuits. I wake up early in the morning, do physical exercises, take bath, study and go to school. I study in the evening under my mother. Once a week I also attend classes in painting, classical dance and martial arts. The time after coming from school, is my leisure time. That one hour is entirely at my disposal and I do different things each day.

It rubs off the exhaustion of school and revitalizes my mind to concentrate on the evening studies. At times I go on a walk with my grandmother in the terrace, yet other days I practice classical dance, I go for swimming, I take a nap, I paint or read books. I enjoy doing each of these more than studying. Also, on weekends, I have a lot of free time after studying. If we aren’t on a weekend trip, I go for paying football with the neighbourhood boys.

My daily allowance for watching TV is half an hour which is an hour in the weekends. But my mother doesn’t qualify TV viewing as leisure. Although I partake in a lot of co curricular interests and practice all of them in my leisure time, I personally like dancing and playing football. I can dance for hours without getting tired. As I reach higher classes, with the increase in studies and syllabus, I know, I won’t have a lot of spare time, but Kathak is something I shall never let go. It will never fail me- it is my ultimate source of inspiration and energy.



Leisure time in today’s world is as important as a medical tonic. In this outburst of selfish interests and competition, everyone attachés primacy to academics and thus children end up being blunt otherwise, having to study and attend tuitions all the time. I am fortunate that my parents realize the importance of leisure and the cultivation of noble interests.

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