Paragraph on My Mother- My Ideal – by Soumyajeet


It is necessary for everyone to have an ideal in life. It gives a direction to us, makes us strive to do better and also makes us righteous.

Without ideals we would be like a ship in the titanic seas, without a compass to direct ourselves.

My Ideal:


My ideal is my own mother. Her name is Mohini Mukherjee. She is the superintendent of one of most significant factions of the Calcutta Police. I do not have much luck with mischief because a police mother always finds them out, but still, she is my best friend. She is very tall, slim and her face glows with the pride of honesty. All her juniors love her. Just looking at her instills in one immense strength and respect. She is so different from the other women I know. That is why I like her so much.

Why she is my Ideal:

Actually you never know why exactly a particular person is adored. Even I am not sure why I idolize her so much. I think because she is a fighter. When her in-laws didn’t allow her to pursue her ambition, unlike most women around her, she chose to come out of the conservative space and make a mark for herself. She had the courage to struggle and win. We are just three people in the family, my mother, my maternal grandmother and I. My grandma pampers me but my mother sees to it that I get up at five and do my exercises, take an early bath, pray to God and then sit for studying. When I stand first in class, she doesn’t tell me much but her face beams with admiration. Even though she is busy, she takes out time for me, either to play scrabble with me or teach me music. She is a very good singer too. I feel really proud when she comes to my school and many of my friends want her autograph. She was singularly responsible for the setting up of a special women’s helpline cell in the police department. That year she was felicitated at my school function. I was so happy that day when she came home, I hugged her.


I want to be a police officer too like my mother and ensure justice to the downtrodden women of our society. My mother will always be an ideal, because she represents justice, honesty and integrity in a profession that is male dominated and features in the news for more wrong reasons than right.

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