Paragraph on My Native Village – by Rajan

My native village is Saswad. It is located near Pune; and on the map it is placed in the South-western corner of Maharashtra.

I prefer going to my native village during the summer vacations.



Saswad has become a historical place because of our king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, saint Namdev maharaj and Lord Malhar. Now, the place has become the center of attraction of the travelers.


My native village is surrounded with huge mountains. We can breathe fresh air at this place. Almost all people of my village are farmers. Therefore, the entire village is surrounded by farm yards, huge trees and crop fields.

The village is called Saswad because there are lots of banyan trees. In Sas-Wad, wad is a Marathi word which means a banyan tree.

There is a fort naming Purandhar fort. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had lived a certain portion of his life in this fort. The fort is located on a hill. More than thousands of travelers visit this fort every year.


There is a famous temple naming Jejuri which is located near my native village. Therefore, many deities visit this place every day.


My village is completely different from other villages in our country. The roads in my village are smooth and clean. We rarely come across any excavation while driving on the road. Good quality roads are the symbol of progress. My village is highly advanced in the agricultural and transportation fields.


Unlike other villages, my native village has the provisions for getting higher education. There are five schools and three colleges in the village. Two colleges belong to the engineering field whereas one college belongs to the medical field.

Electricity supply:

I have never seen the electricity supply issues stimulated in my village. There is non-stop electricity supply available. This allows farmers to do the tasks that are dependent on electricity such as picking water from the caves, charging the batteries of motor-pumps, etc. Non-stop electricity supply helps students to study till late night and acquire higher scores in the exams. One thing I must note here is that the villagers of Saswad never take bad advantage of electricity. They utilize the required amount of electricity and pay the electricity bills on time.

Water supply:

Since the village is very close to the Pune city there are no issues regarding water. Every villager has his own water supply connection. They never waste a single drop of water.


People living in Saswad are very polite and helping. They provide free food and water to the deities. They rarely come across a big conflict; otherwise all villagers live in complete harmony. The polite nature of people is the actual reason behind the peace in the village.


For me, my native village is the best place in this world. I suggest everyone to visit this place at least once in a lifetime. The greenery of this place will definitely fascinate you.

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