Paragraph on My Neighbours – by Soumyjeet


In India, neighbours are considered a part of the extended family. The relationships between neighbours are those of love, cooperation and not totally devoid of occasional fights.

The strength of neighbour relationships has led to so much unity between members of colonies and neighbourhoods.

My Own Neighbours:


I stay in a housing complex, to the east of the city. My immediate neighbours are the members of my own block, Block 4. Just opposite to our apartment, lives an elderly lady, whose only son lives in the U.S. She spends her days mostly inside, like a recluse. I, at times, feel sad for her loneliness. The apartment to our right is the house of a large family- a family with four children, which is quite uncommon these days. The father is a fat man with a bald head and the mother competes with the father in fatness. Their children, ages ranging from eighteen to eight, are miniature versions of their parents. Whenever they go out somewhere, they colour coordinate their dresses so that it seems a small theatre party is walking down the road. It is such a funny sight to see.

However all of them are talented actors; on the day of the family contests, they staged a wonderful play. The flat to our left is occupied by a family, much like ours- parents and two children. As their elder child is my age, we are best friends. Even our mothers are very good friends. During the time when my mother was admitted to the hospital, my brother and I used to eat at their place. They are a very nice and caring family. The last flat on the floor is always locked. A giant of a man comes and goes inside with a briefcase.

Thanks to all the mystery books I like to read, I always thought that there is something suspicious about him. One day, me and my friend next door decided to investigate and peeped in while he was inside; the way he scowled at us, we ran like crazy people. When I told my mother, she laughed out loud. Our suspicious uncle turned out to be a senior detective with the Calcutta Police. That evening, my parents invited him and for the first time, I saw him smile, he even got chocolates for me.


Neighbours make us truly social animals. They instill a sense of unity in us and also help us when needed. They make our lives much better.

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